Applied Management Group

AM Group is a consulting company based on experience and a desire to challenge the norm. We want to do things differently in the world of consulting. We don’t use advanced theories that will only work in theory, but base our improvement programs and project management on simple well proven tools that anyone can apply.

Established in 2012 with focus on:

  • Project Management and Engineering

  • Company LEAN programs

  • Management consulting

  • QA, QC and validation

  • Pharmaceuticals, food, chemical and construction

Most of our consultants have project experience in Europe, USA, India and China with several companies - See reference page

We bring the experience to know when to do what and we do it with your people so they can learn and take over when our job is done. AM Group is short for ‘Applied Management’ – and that is what we do. We apply simple, reliable management tools to improve our clients’ business.