New pharmceutical packaging line with serialisation capabilities

specification, PURCHASING, installation, qualification and start-up

Complete new packaging line with unscramblers, labelling machines, cartoner, bundler, end of line with depalletiser and palletiser


  • New multi-product packaging line including serialisation and end of line palletising

  • Unscramblers for bottles and dispensers

  • Labelling machines for bottles

  • Cartoner with built-in serialisation capabilities

  • Bundler with labeler and palletiser

  • Stand-alone end of line with de-palletiser, aggregation capability and palletiser


  • Fully automated multi-product line

  • Serialisation and aggregation capabilities

  • Compact multi-batch staging/automated feeding area


  • Work Package Owner

  • Requirement Specifications (URS, RS), tendering and purchasing

  • Installation and start-up

  • FAT, SAT, IQ, OQ protocols and execution including TRM

  • User group involvement and coordination

  • Total cost: Confidential

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Thorbjørn Steensen

Mobile: +45 3048 1637