Thermal MAPPING:
An effective problem identification tool

Quick and LEAN method at low cost


  • Cleaning process temperature distribution and sanitation effect in API process tanks

  • Possibility of biofilm formation in API process tanks

  • Increase in API product Bioburden limits


  • Investigation and mapping of process without equipment changes or production interference

  • No sanitary compromise during task performance, as no sensors in direct contact with product surfaces or opening to process are needed.

  • Presentation of thermal images and preliminary results to client on day 1.

  • Identification of root cause for uneven temperature distribution.


  • Project Management.

  • Evaluation of procedures and cleaning process.

  • Baseline definition

  • Visual inspection.

  • Selection and identification of positions for thermal imaging.

  • Test planning and development of test protocol.

  • Thermal (mapping) imaging during operation.

  • Analysis of thermal images and data

  • Root cause identification.

  • Recommendations and report for client approval.

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