purified water system

Dynamic integration of quality improvements, capacity increase and new automation features


  • Increase capacity and reduce manufacturing dependencies

  • Support introduction of new production equipment with increased Purified Water needs.

  • Secure License to Operate by improvement of compliance level for the PW-system

  • All changes to be implemented and validated as an overall short term factory shut down


  • Loop capacity increased by 500 %

  • Design improvements related to dead legs, drainability, flow rates, material selection etc.

  • Replaced not sanitary components with approved sanitary designed components

  • Improved ease of sanitation and sanitation efficiency

  • Standardised and improved technical documentation for the existing and new installation

  • Introduced measures to reduce risk of microbiological contamination

  • Introduced automation, control and data collection for critical process parameters


  • Project Scoping, Budget, Descriptions, Time schedule etc. for Investment Approval

  • Project management

  • Specification and dimensioning of equipment, piping, design and layout

  • P&ID, parts lists and layout drawings

  • Procurement and contract management with external suppliers and contractors

  • Prepare, review and approve user requirement specifications, technical specifications, design documents and tender material.

  • Facilitate cooperation across engineering disciplines and workstreams, act as connection between project teams, suppliers, contractors etc.

  • Establish quality documentation, CR coordination, Risk Assessments, Tracebility Matrix, User Requirement Specification, DQ, IQ and OQ.

  • Installation supervision on site

  • Commissioning and system startup

  • Qualification of equipment and automation meeting 21 CFR and GAMP

  • PQ protocol for clients PQ execution

contact for this case

Anders Helmer Nielsen

Mobile: +45 5099 8328